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Gantt Chart Google Sheet | Productivity Tracker | Project Tracker for Small Businesses |  Multiple Project Planner | Tasks Planner Tool | Google Sheet Template





– User-centric and easy to use

– No monthly subscription

– Only requires a browser to run


– This spreadsheet is only compatible with Google Sheets

– This spreadsheet is NOT compatible with MS Excel

– You will need a Google account to access and use this spreadsheet

– This spreadsheet may be accessed through Google Sheets app on any mobile device, however it is advisable to use a computer for better and faster user experience


About Gantt Chart tool:


The Gantt Chart tool is a Google sheets/Spreadsheet-based product developed to keep track of projects. It presents projects deadlines and progress data in beautiful calender. A Perfect tool to plan, manage and keep track of projects and subtasks. It has 3 different sections/sheets.


1- Welcome Sheet

2- Setting Sheet

3- Gantt Chart Sheet



1- Welcome Sheet:

This is the very first sheet user sees when he first time uses this Gantt Chart tool. It has an explanatory video recorded by the CEO of madsheets that guides the user on its features, functionality, and automation.


2- Setting Sheet:

This is the setting sheet of the Gantt Chart. The user defines holidays and week off days specific for the business, Job types and status or work done stages, sales person, manager or account manager assigned


3- Gantt Chart Sheet

This is the gantt chart sheet of the Gantt chart tool. The user enters project details on the left section and right section shows the scheduled project or task over the calender. Customized colors, deadlines and progress column vissualize the project tracking status.


Some specific utilities or benefits of using a production dashboard include:


1- Improved efficiency: By tracking key performance indicators, a production dashboard can help identify areas for improvement and optimize the production process for greater efficiency.


2- Enhanced decision-making: A production dashboard can provide the data and insights needed to make informed decisions about the production process, such as identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies, or identifying opportunities for optimization.


3- Increased collaboration: A production dashboard can be accessed by multiple stakeholders, allowing for greater collaboration and coordination among different teams and departments.


4- Customization: A production dashboard can be customized to focus on specific metrics and data points relevant to the needs and goals of the organization.


5- Real-time visibility: A production dashboard provides real-time visibility into the performance of the production process, allowing managers and other stakeholders to identify and address issues as they arise.




Our tool is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and clear and intuitive controls. It is also optimized for use on a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, and widescreen devices.


Gantt Chart can help organizations improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of their production processes.


Try our Gantt Chart today and see how it can help you optimize the performance of your production process and improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of your organization.





Please Note:

– This product is a digital product, you will be able to access this tool online right after the purchase. You

will not receive a physical item.

– The user must have a Gmail/Google workspace account to enjoy all features of this expense tracker tool




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Gantt Chart Google Sheet | Productivity Tracker | Project Tracker for Small Businesses

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