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This tool is designed to encourage and simplify ad testing within Google Ads.  It uses ad labels to test variations of copy.  Results are reported and assessed based on statistical significance.


Ad labels are easy to set up and can be used to label different types of ads.  This means you can test ad copy across campaigns as well as within ad groups and easily report on results. Examples uses of ad labels include identifying unique CTAs, ad types, landing page split tests, and uses of dynamic headline insertion.


Once you have applied labels to your ads within Google Ads (which is easy to do).  This template automatically pulls this data into a Google Sheet and review performance.


Please note that after checkout you will receive free access to the product to use. However you will require a subscription to Supermetrics to connect to some data sources.

  • Who should use it? – Google Ads specialists looking to extract more performance and tweak their accounts further
  • What can you do with it? – Track ad performance and compare Google Ads
  • What Data Sources are used? – The data is imported from Google Ads.


Instructions to get started in 5 easy steps:

  1. First add the product to your cart on byMarketers and checkout.  Don’t worry as the product is free.  Following this you will receive a link to access the templates.
  2. Inside Google Sheets, make a copy of the file (Open File > Make a Copy),  this allows you to create your own copy of the file that you will be able to Edit
  3. Install the Supermetrics add-on with the link (skip this if you’ve installed the add-on)
  4. Back inside your Google Sheet copy, launch the Supermetrics sidebar (Add-ons menu -> Supermetrics -> Launch sidebar)
  5. You are now able to access Supermetrics and connect your sheet to your Data Sources via the Supermetrics connector.



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Google Ads Ad Label Testing Tool Template by Supermetrics

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