With over 1 billion monthly users, TikTok is a marketing channel with huge potential. Make sure you reach a big audience with this Google Looker Studio dashboard from Supermetrics. Analyze your campaign performance, and breakdown your audience demographics with this two-page report.

On page one, you’ll find an overview of your performance — key metrics like cost, impressions, clicks, results, and your most successful campaigns. Page two breaks down your audience demographics so you know exactly who you’re making content for. All this information combines to give you comprehensive data to build a successful TikTok ad campaign.

What will you find in this resource?

  • Detailed instructions on how to use the resource.
  • Graphs showing you all the important metrics like click-through-rate, clicks, impressions, cost-per-click, and results.
  • Comparisons of your current campaign to previous ones.
  • Interactive filters so you can see metrics by channel or device.


  • Connections: Supermetrics
  • Set up difficulty: Easy (Please note, while the template is free to use, Supermetrics will require you to create an account if you decide to use their connector to connect to your data sources.)
  • Who’s it for?: Anyone running TikTok Ads who needs detailed data visualizations.
  • Created by: Supermetrics



1 review for TikTok Ads Overview Performance Dashboard by Supermetrics

  1. Huong Batiste

    This one is free and better than some of the paid ones I’ve seen…Just what I needed.

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TikTok Ads Overview Performance Dashboard by Supermetrics

1 review

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