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The SEO Content Audit Template allows you to Automate your SEO content audit process.  The audit imports traffic data from Google Analytics and link data from ahrefs. It provides a detailed report of your content performance and shows various metrics like URL, Path, Organic Sessions, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate & Link Count.

The sheet comes with detailed instructions and a video on how to setup.

  • Who should use it? – Digital Marketers & Agencies running Content and SEO Campaigns
  • What can you do with it? – Audit content performance
  • What Data Sources are used? – The data is imported from Google Analytics and ahrefs

After clicking the blue button you will arrive at the Supermetrics Gallery where you can select and use this template for free.
Please note, while the template is free to use, Supermetrics will require you to create an account if you decide to use their connector to connect to your data sources.



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