Eliminate writer’s block with ease and let your creativity flow.

Unleash your writing potential with the help of a Google sheet that contains a hundred words and phrases to jumpstart your Twitter writing.

If you’re craving for social media engagement through likes, replies, and retweets, then you need to write compelling content. Remember, the first two words of your tweet are critical in capturing your audience’s attention.

An example of this is the TV show “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.” A TV producer shared that the network’s only feedback was to shorten the title to “Queer Eye.” This decision turned out to be successful since the first two words are what most people read in a TV guide. Had they kept the original title, it would have been known as “The Queer,” which isn’t as memorable as “Queer Eye.”

So, if you want to create impactful tweets, start with attention-grabbing first words. And if you’re struggling to begin, use the Google sheet with 100 words and phrases to get you started.



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