The Best Free Data Studio Templates of 2019 is one of the only sites on the web dedicated to providing great templates for Google Data Studio. We devote time and resources to researching and building templates that we feel will help you understand, analyse and monitor your marketing campaigns more effectively.

In this article, we have reviewed seven of the best free templates that are available online.  The free dashboard templates that we have reviewed allow for a quick analysis of performance and enable you to see and interact with your data in ways that are most helpful to you.

Aside from some great free templates that we’ve found, we also provide a number of premium paid templates which cover SEO, SEM, Social Media, E-commerce and Traffic.

Connecting GDS’ Dashboards to Data Sources

It is possible to connect a GDS dashboard to a huge range of third-party data sources as well as other Google platforms. GDS provides free connectors, but other premium or community connectors have also been built because of certain limitations associated with the default connectors. The templates we have reviewed in this article use only GDS’ default connectors and analyse data from Google accounts, making them 100% free to use.

  • You can access a list of all the connectors GDS has on offer here
  • You can access a list of premium connectors here.

In no particular order, here is our pick of the best free Data Studio Templates available right now.

1) Paid Channel Mix

The Paid Channel Mix dashboard is simple to read and understand and makes it easy to compare the performance of all your paid marketing channels. This dashboard displays an overview of your top-level data from Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and Bing, enabling you to compare your results at a glance.

Within this dashboard, you can take full control of your date range as well as being able to select your metrics. This dashboard includes handy features like trending charts and scorecards.

View Template: The Paid Channel Mix  (Created by Supermetrics)

Developed By:

2) Adwords 1 Page Report

This 1-page report provides a useful overview of how your Google Ads have performed over a certain date range. It displays the clicks, cost, CPC and CTR of each campaign in clear, eye-catching scorecards. It also enables an insight into the demographics of your audience as well as the profitability of your keywords. Its uncomplicated design allows for a quick and easy analysis which makes this dashboard effective for companies looking to review their Google Ads performance on a daily basis.

View template: Adwords 1 page report

Developed by:

3) Blog Content Performance

This interactive dashboard provides an insight into the performance of your blog content. By revealing the blog content that has generated the most traffic to your website, it makes it easy to identify the topics and authors that resonate the most with your users and drive the most value. This single page report provides a clear overview of your content’s performance which helps when developing a content strategy.

The Blog Content Dashboard also enables you to understand more about your content cohorts by changing the date range and comparing different topics within the same time frame, or the same topic over a different period of time. You can also compare categories of content which have the same topic in the blog’s title.

View template: Blog Content template

Developed by Alberto Grande head of marketing at X-Team

4) Youtube Channel Report

This dashboard displays your Youtube metrics in a visual presentation which helps you understand how your videos are performing. The Youtube dashboard showcases your best performing content and highlights the total number of views, user’s average watching time, number of subscriptions and videos shared. This dashboard is easy to use and allows for a quick but effective analysis of your Youtube content and the videos that perform well with your users.

Use template: Youtube Google data studio template

View Template: Youtube

Developed by: Google Data Studio Team

5) Content Performance Report

This Data Studio template provides a 1-page report on the performance of your content. The uncomplicated top-level scorecards clearly display the following metrics; Users, Sessions, Page Views, Bounce Rate and Av. Session Duration. The report also breaks down your authors and categories of your content by traffic (sessions, bounce rate and av.session duration). This dashboard’s design is vibrant and coherent and it is simple to set up.

View template: Content performance

Developed by:

6) Website Performance Overview

This dashboard provides a very easy to read overview of your website’s performance, on one single page. It includes all the necessary Key Performance Indicators, as well as useful scorecards that display total sales, revenue, average order value and conversion rate. The design is simple and as well as providing an effective overview of performance and traffic sources, some aspects of this dashboard enable you to gain a more in-depth understanding of your data.

Use Template: Website performance overview

Developed by: Alligator Interactive

7) Dashboard for Non Profit Web Data

This comprehensive report provides all the tools to enable you to effectively analyse the performance of your not for profit campaigns. It is functional and clear and includes an overview, breakdown of your audience, information on your Adwords and more. It also provides helpful instructions for connecting your own data.  

Use template: Dashboard for non profit web data

Developed by:

Free templates are a great way to start using GDS to better understand your data and create professional level reports. We also offer a range or premium paid templates which will enable you to create custom, visually compelling views of your data. You can access our premium templates here.

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