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Google Sheets Templates allow you to use somebody else’s Google Sheets for your own data and strategizing, which can help you save time and produce high-quality work. As a vendor for byMarketers, you can save the templates that you create for different marketing projects and sell them to other marketers. Using a Google Sheets template can save you the time it takes to set up a Google Sheets document and let you access other professionals’ skills. 

Templates can be useful for digital marketers, eCommerce website owners, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to create quick marketing strategies. Certain templates may suit specific projects or plans, such as Google Ads campaign planners, monthly income/expense trackers and cash flow trackers. These Google Sheets templates make running your business’ marketing, finance and planning simpler. You can use our search bar to find templates for specific expertise or platforms. 

What is a Google Sheets template?

Google Sheets templates are premade Google documents that can help you create better spreadsheets while saving you valuable time. Google software comes with several built-in templates to suit simple tasks, like making a budget and timetable. For advanced projects, such as running an SEO strategy or monitoring website traffic, you can find specialized templates made by professionals on byMarketers. You can make your own Google Sheets template by modifying a blank document with useful details and designs, before saving a copy without adding your marketing data to the document. 

How can Google Sheets templates be useful to marketing professionals?

Google Sheets templates are a great way to save valuable time, facilitate team collaboration and provide customization options for different projects. As a marketer, using these templates can help you create better processes, charts, structures and more. Templates are designed with specific tasks and projects in mind, so they know what you need and provide it without any manual input. This gives you the ability to focus on more important things — such as making sense of the data itself. You can use certain Google Sheets templates for different data dashboards. Google Sheets templates offer ready-made dashboards for monitoring and planning your Google Ads campaigns, as well as projecting their budget and performance

Who can use Google Sheet Templates?

Any professional that needs to invoice clients, track website analytics, track ad performance or create budget and expense reports can use Google Sheets templates. byMarketers has a wide range of Google Sheets templates specifically for marketers. These templates were created by marketing professionals to help fellow marketers manage their Google Ads, budgets, monthly income/expenses and cash flow.   

Benefits of using a Google Sheets template

Google Sheets offers a wide variety of pre-built templates, allowing you to create reports and analyze data in spreadsheets faster and more effectively. Some of the benefits of using Google Sheets templates include:

  • Ability to collaborate: Google Sheets templates allow your team to collaborate easily. All you have to do is click the “Share” button at the top right-hand corner of a document to give your team members access to the file.
  • Automating repeated tasks and manual data entry: You can use certain templates to automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual data entry. Removing these minor tasks can improve productivity in your company. 
  • Intuitive to use: To use a Google Sheets template, you don’t need to have experience with spreadsheets or advanced formulas and functions. Many of the templates already come with all of the fields and calculations built-in. All you have to do is plug-in the numbers and populate the fields, and the document will generate a report or calculate a total.
  • Customizable: Using a template doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with its look and feel. You can easily change the fields, the colors, and the fonts using Google Sheets’ built-in tools. Once you do, you can customize the template to match your business’s look and feel.
  • No Data Loss: Another great benefit of using Google Sheets templates is that, unless a freak accident happens with Google’s servers, it’s almost impossible to lose data. All changes are stored in the cloud. Google Sheets lets you access the version history of a document, where you can revert to a previous version if something unfortunate happens to your document.

Where to find Templates for Google Sheets

Google themselves have a large range of templates. Open the Google Sheets website and sign into your account. At the top, you will see the “Template Gallery” with arrows next to it, which allows you to view all templates. You can then browse the “Work”, “Personal”, “Project Management”, and “Education” template categories. The categories are designed to make browsing simple, and you can use any template for your project if it has the functions that you need.

You can also check out the Google Sheets templates on byMarketers. We’ve got a range of customized templates designed specifically for digital marketers. Here are some examples of our bestselling templates.

You can even create your own templates and upload them to byMarketers, to earn a passive income stream and help other professionals streamline their projects.


Whether you need a Google Ads campaign structure document, a Gantt chart for planning your Marketing  campaign, or a projection table for your Marketing campaigns, there are Google Sheets templates that can help you. By using a template, you can save time and organize your data with resources from marketing professionals. Whether you want to use existing templates or generate passive income by selling your own, using Google Sheets templates can be a great tool for your marketing projects. Have you got questions? Check out our FAQs, leave a comment below or get in touch, we’d love to help.

Google Sheets Templates FAQs

Why use a Google Sheets template?

A Google Sheets template can simplify marketing tasks by automating reports or regularly-completed work, creating a clear structure and style, and creating a professional look for different worksheets.

What’s a cash flow template and do I need one?

A cash flow template can assist your business in tracking accounts receivable and accounts payable, automatically generating a monthly cash flow report. 
You don’t need one but it certainly helps make financial decisions for your organization.

What are some Google Sheets templates that are specific for marketing professionals?

Marketing-specific templates include ones that are designed to organize your Google Ads and outline their structure or A Google Ads projection template, which will help you make projections for your Google Ads campaign’s performance.

Can I sell my own Google Sheet template?

After you have signed up on the site, we automatically create a seller account for you. Your dashboard will show an “add a product” option. Select this option and follow our straightforward process to upload and sell your products quickly and easily. You can check out our guide on uploading templates for more information.

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