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Google Sheets is an incredibly effective tool for virtually any activity requiring the capture and analysis of data. This includes digital marketing, financial modelling, project management, and statistical analysis. Whether you’re a new business or market veteran, Google Sheets templates will transform how you work, presenting valuable insights in aesthetically pleasing and functional ways for both colleagues and customers. 

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Google Sheets
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Google Sheets FAQ

Yes! Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application that is part of a free, online office software suite offered by Google, within its Google Drive service. It does not cost anything and also includes Google Docs (a word processor) and Google Slides (a presentation software). Because of the features you get at no cost, Google sheets is incredibly popular and is used by some of the biggest companies in the world.

If you're familiar with Excel, Google Sheets has practically all the same spreadsheet features, so you'll be right at home. You can also write custom code, develop your own add-ons, and download those made by others. The biggest advantage of Google Sheets is how easy it is to collaborate and share in real-time. And, of course, it integrates very well with Google Analytics, Google search console, Google ads, and other platforms.

By using templates, you can quickly generate a new spreadsheet with all the necessary formatting already applied, allowing you to concentrate on the data rather than the busywork. And, they can be made to be more aesthetically pleasing if you plan on sharing them with clients or colleagues. For some inspiration, take a look at this list of Google Sheets templates that every marketing professional needs.

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Anyone can become a seller and there is no sign up cost. List your resources today and start marketing extra cash!

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