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Running a great social media campaign requires more than just carefully crafted headlines and the perfect image. Your ability to succeed and improve will depend on how well you track and report your data. Google Looker Studio dashboards put real-time data at your fingertips in a way that is easy to comprehend. This clarity of channel performance allows you to tell stories based on robust analytics to grow your audience, create online communities, and drive traffic.  Below we present the best Looker Studio Templates for social media specialists

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Social Media Templates FAQ

With so many tools available, the choice comes down to price and appearance. Looker Studio has a leg up on both. It’s free, and you can customize the design to fit your preferences.

You should track anything related to ad spend. How much are you spending per month? How many impressions, clicks, and leads is it buying you? And most importantly, are you seeing an ROI on your ad spend?

Social media is an area of marketing that can require a lot of time and investment, and that’s including paid and traditional social marketing. Tracking metrics helps you quantify your time and investment. Additionally, you’ll only improve your marketing if you analyze the data.

Google provides a free connector to YouTube. When you sign into your channel from the data connector, it links to your channel and let’s you pull in stats about views, likes, watch time, and more. You can use the YouTube data in all of Looker Studio’s available charts and tables.

If you don’t want to use Supermetrics, PMA, or another third-party connector, the next best option is to manually export data to Google Sheets and then connect Looker Studio to that sheet. Many of our templates are built around this idea and come with detailed instructions.

The real answer is as often as you’d like, but for most use-cases, analyzing monthly is sufficient. If you’re increasing your spend or have shorter campaign run-times, analyze more often.

Why not both? In truth, they measure two very different things. Your unpaid social data, things like likes, comments, followers, post-performance, etc., while important, don’t have the same monetary investment as a paid promotion. Start with paid as that’s where most of the campaigns live.

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